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To generate the pseudopotentials of pslibrary you need the ld1.x code of the Quantum ESPRESSO (QE) distribution (to compile it, type ./configure and make ld1 in the main QE directory). Download from the pslibrary home page the file pslibrary.version.tar.gz (the last stable version is 1.0.0). Put the file in a directory and unpack it with the command:

tar -xzvf ./pslibrary.version.tar.gz

A directory, pslibrary.version, is created. Enter in this directory and write the path of the main QE directory in the file QE_path. To generate the pz, pbe, rel-pz, and rel-pbe pseudopotentials for all elements just type


To generate the pseudopotential of one element, open the file make_ps and substitute the string 'all' with the name of the element ('Cu', 'H.', etc.) before typing ./make_all_ps. To generate the pseudopotentials for other functionals enter in the directory with the functional name and type

. ../make_ps 

The pseudopotentials are saved in the directory dft/PSEUDOPOTENTIALS, where dft is the functional name. For more information see the AAREADME file in the pslibrary.version directory.

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